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Awesome Update!

by Fair Ophelia, 2 hours ago

gold dhuum statue

We did it... a shiny new Gold Dhuum Trophy! After a long time, and a lot of raid battles, we have managed to earn a Gold statue for each Raid Boss in Wings 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Thank you everyone for your hard work, donations, and encouragement!

In this picture, Reap channels his inner Dhuum (well, technically Ender's Echo) whilst contemplating Dhuum's doom. Which is the trophy, and which is our fearless Guild Leader? 

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Guild Wars One Update!

by reapex, 12 days ago

Guild Wars 1 Update:

  • Added a new account upgrade, "Xunlai Material Storage Expansion."
    • This item, with each purchase, will increase the storage capacity for materials stored in Xunlai Material Storage by 250 items.
    • This upgrade can be purchased up to 9 times for a total storage of 2,500 items.
    • The Xunlai Material Storage Expansion upgrade can now be purchased on the Official Guild Wars Store for $9.99.
  • Increased the maximum number of purchasable Xunlai Storage Pane upgrades per account from 4 to 9.

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All or Nothing: Aftermath, Learn Your Allies Thoughts Pt 1

by reapex, 21 days ago

All or Nothing: Requiem Explore the thoughts of three of your allies following the events of “All or Nothing.” To read a story, click on the character’s portrait and follow the links to progress. This series will contain heavy spoilers for Living World Season 4.
Rytlock, "“You have to trust me, Rytlock.” How many times had I heard that from the commander? It was always a stupid plan, but I went along with it. Charr are loyal to their warband: their brothers and sisters in arms."
I start to leave, but Logan’s hand is on my shoulder. “Rytlock. Your sword.” So I keep walking. “Don’t need it,” I say again. “It’s just a sword. It’ll be here when I get back.” Logan looks suspicious. “You sure?” ven with Sohothin, I’ll never be as strong as I need to be.

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Lunar New Year is HERE!

by reapex, 28 days ago

Another year dawns on Tyria—join the festivities in Divinity’s Reach! The Year of the Boar is upon us, and the Lunar New Year festival returns with new rewards and activities. Collect and open lucky envelopes to earn essences of luck, delicious foods, fireworks, valuable items, and a chance to find the new boar lantern back items!

  • Friendly celestial dragons have appeared in the various capital cities to whisk adventurers to the festival in Divinity’s Reach.
  • Players’ maximum hit points and skill damage have been increased in the Dragon Ball arena to reduce the effects of food items on the battle.

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NEW Legendary Longbow: Pharus Video

by reapex, 42 days ago

Showcase of the New Legendary Bow : PHARUS ! Animation on all profession : Ranger, Guardian, Warrior.

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[Music Video][DRMS] Fighting Dreamers - Flow, Kiba Covers

by reapex, 62 days ago


"Normally, I'm asked what does our guild's name Sognatori Di Tramonoto mean? It basically means Sunset Dreamers. I played pass sunset to help our OCN and SEA guildies. 10 years ago, I was experiencing one of the roughest moments in my life.  However, one inspirational song by Flow kept playing in my mind. That actually made me feel better, it was a song about dreams and accepting others no matter how different they are. The idea of sunset dreams immediately popped into my mind. I wanted dreams [DRMS] to be an international guild, so I purposefully made the name not in English. [DRMS] is an accepting guild that is made up of those that speak a variety of languages and ethic backgrounds. The central theme of [DRMS] can be found in this song, not having to be normal, accepting others, getting lost and finding our own way out lol, and more.  I am truly thankful for the experiences and helped I received, [DRMS] would not be alive today if it was not for each of our dreamers (guildies)." - Reapex

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About Sognatori Di Tramonto [DRMS]

We're a PvX guild that has weekly events such as: dungeons, meta-events, guild missions, World Vs World, and more. We are mostly a afternoon to late night EST (utc-5) Guild with some members (myself included) regularly up until 7am (yay Aussie Time zone!) Most of our members have jobs and families that take priority.

Our guild name is Sognatori Di Tramonto created by mixing Latin and Italian together. I did not want our guild to be tied to any specific country since we're an international guild. Our guild name means Sunset Dreamers, because we play past sunset and follow our dreams. In DRMS, there is Zero tolerance for racism, sexism, and bashing other religions. If you ever have a problem or issue feel free to contact me or any executive officer in the game.Information sharing (quests, events, etc) is encouraged between others because that is how our guild grows. All skill levels are welcome from casual players to hardcore, we do not discriminate on player ability. We do ask that you help others, if possible, because they will do the same for you in return.

Summarized Guild History:

Our guild was started in 2008, we were a close knit alliance in GW1 with many players moving to GW2.  Over time several life lessons were learned and DRMS has became the dynamic and respectful guild that it is today.  In Guild Wars 2, we are continuning to grow as new challenges arrive. Every member is valued greatly, and as a team DRMS will continue to be a community where people of all skill levels, races, and sexes can feel welcome.

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