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GW2 Roadmap Updates

by reapex, 27 days ago

Here’s a more detailed look at what’s to come over the next two months.

May 2: Profession Balance Update

May 23: New End of Dragons Content, “What Lies Within”

Once the danger has been cleared out of Gyala Delve, the map will enter a more peaceful state fit for exploring. Several new adventures will become available, including our first cooperative adventure featuring the siege turtle. Earlier Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons maps will share in the updates, with new siege turtle, jade bot, and skiff adventures.

June 6: Dragon Bash, Allied Player Visual-Effect Filtering, and World vs. World Rewards Update

New option in the settings menu, Hide Ally Visual Effects, that will give you control over whether visual effects are shown for allied players, pets, and minions. 

June 27: Cantha-Themed Fractal Dungeon and Profession Balance Update

Introducing alternate playstyles for some specializations


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Super Adventure Festival 2023

by Fair Ophelia, 56 days ago

Hi everyone, it's Super Adventure Festival time, and we have a Guild Hall to decorate!!
To read all about it, check out my festival Scribing post here.

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GW2 March Sales and More

by reapex, 89 days ago

Each week in March, Black Lion Requisition Officers will accept deliveries of various raw materials and reward you with goods like boosters and Black Lion Statuettes. Help meet the demand for multiple weeks to receive greater rewards, including a Black Lion Claim Ticket—and more!

Week 1

  • February 28–March 6: 30% Off All Gliders and Backpack and Glider Combos
  • February 28–March 2: 20% Off Black Lion Chest Keys
  • March 3–9: 30% Off Shared Inventory Slots

Week 2

  • March 7–March 13: 30% Off All Unique Weapon Skins
  • March 10–16: 25% Off Bag Slot Expansions

Week 3

  • March 14–20: 30% Off All Standalone Unique Mount Skins
  • March 17–23: 30% Off Bank Slot Expansions and Storage Expanders

Week 4

  • March 21–27: 30% Off Outfits
  • March 24–30: 25% Off Character Slots Expansions and Equipment and Build Template Expansions
  • March 28–31: 30% Off Unique Armor Skins


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New Story, EoD - What Lies Beneath

by reapex, 89 days ago

As the Jade Brotherhood discovers a new side to the jade crystals, a mysterious condition threatens the hard-won stability of Cantha. Rejoin your Friends' Detective Agency allies - Detective Rama, Xunlai Jade Yao, and Gorrik - to investigate the dangers lurking in the depths of the Jade Sea and find the source of the corruption of the jade mine workers. “What Lies Beneath” is a new chapter of  End of Dragons, immediately available for free for all players who already own the expansion. Explore a new story and the new map Gyala Delve, and get new rewards starting today! Unlike previous Living World releases, it can be unlocked at any time at no gem cost. 


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GW2 - New Expansions, Different Approach

by reapex, 104 days ago

Rather than launching an expansion every two to four years with a season of Living World in between, we’ll be releasing smaller expansions more frequently at a slightly reduced price and adding additional content for those expansions through quarterly updates, meaning that the next big release is only ever a few months away.

May 2: Profession Balance Update

February 14: Profession Balance Update, WvW Objective Reward Scaling, Chromium Embedded Framework Upgrade

February 28: New Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Map and Story Content, Soo-Won Legendary Variant

March 28: Super Adventure Festival

April 18: DX11 Upgrade Complete

May 2: Profession Balance Update

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WvW Update - Jan 31st

by reapex, 117 days ago

New Weekly Achievements

We’re adding a set of weekly achievements that reward players for active and positive contribution to World vs. World—for example, capturing objectives, taking down dolyaks, and defeating enemy players. Completing these achievements each week will reward players with 8 gold and up to 35 additional WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets.

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About Sognatori Di Tramonto [DRMS]

We're a PvX guild that has weekly events such as: dungeons, meta-events, guild missions, World Vs World, and more. We are mostly a afternoon to late night EST (utc-5) Guild with some members (myself included) regularly up until 7am (yay Aussie Time zone!) Most of our members have jobs and families that take priority.

Our guild name is Sognatori Di Tramonto created by mixing Latin and Italian together. I did not want our guild to be tied to any specific country since we're an international guild. Our guild name means Sunset Dreamers, because we play past sunset and follow our dreams. In DRMS, there is Zero tolerance for racism, sexism, and bashing other religions. If you ever have a problem or issue feel free to contact me or any executive officer in the game.Information sharing (quests, events, etc) is encouraged between others because that is how our guild grows. All skill levels are welcome from casual players to hardcore, we do not discriminate on player ability. We do ask that you help others, if possible, because they will do the same for you in return.

Summarized Guild History:

Our guild was started in 2008, we were a close knit alliance in GW1 with many players moving to GW2.  Over time several life lessons were learned and DRMS has became the dynamic and respectful guild that it is today.  In Guild Wars 2, we are continuning to grow as new challenges arrive. Every member is valued greatly, and as a team DRMS will continue to be a community where people of all skill levels, races, and genders can feel welcome.

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