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re: Lament song for Lions Arch

From music composer, "As the melody reaches its conclusion, the woodwinds settle on a dissonant chord, signifying the end of the old Lion’s Arch. The tempo slows, and a solo clarinet hints at the melody from “The Sea of Sorrows,” the theme of the rebuilt Lion’s Arch of Guild Wars 2. Before it completes the full melodic phrase, however, it changes abruptly to the first few notes of “Scarlet’s Theme,” heralding her arrival. The drums continue to pound, and the low brass drones away, representing the city being laid to waste in Scarlet’s wake. As the music swells up and down, a solo trumpet rings out over the top with a fragment of the primary Guild Wars theme, "

"The music continues to pulse and build, repeating the new Lion’s Arch theme, stronger each time. Soon it reaches a triumphant swell as the full orchestra comes in. The low brass plays powerful chords, no longer so dark and ominous. The strings, woodwinds, and trumpets soar over the top with the main melody one last time. The sadness and doom left in Scarlet’s wake is no match for the will of the people of Lion’s Arch. The city has returned from the abyss once before, and we now know it has the strength to do so again."  More Information Song

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