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re: April 15 Feature Update (this will post will be updated)

There are numerous game mechanic changes plan for the Feature Expansion in April.  I covered one of the feature expansions back in January.  Trait changes are part two to the plan changes, that will affect all characters that are made after April '14.  Note click on VIEW POST to see more information about the changes, including skill related changes.

This new traits system for acquiring traits in the game brings back an aspect of the original Guild Wars that we really liked, which was exploring the world as a major component of character progression. Acquiring traits will be a horizontal progression system which will give us new ways to add new traits to the game and promote interesting content!

*NEW SUMMARY OF ALL CHANGES IN PATCH (scroll up after clicking on link)*:


Articles Covering the feature Patch
Changes Notes notes:

Dulfy Notes:

Part 1 Traits:
Part 2 Critical Damage:
Part 3 Runes/Sigils:
Part 4 NEW Wardrobe (soulbound weapon & armor skins will become account bound unlimited uses):
Part 5 Dyes (Dyes will be unlockable on all of your characters instead of just one):
Part 6 Social Play Improvements (guild management and a few lfg changes):
Part 7 Say Goodbye to Armor Repair Costs
Part 8 Account-Bound WXP, Legendaries, and Ascended Gear
Part 9 Ready Up for sPvP - No pvp gear, new rewards track, balthazar backpack, and more!
      Wan't more sPvP info? Check out this 1 hour long video:  Capricorn map is being removed ><
Part 10 Introducing the Megaserver (more people will appear on lower level 1 - 15 maps )
Part 11 Megaserver and World Bosses (new timers, unable to track temple status, and more a must read)
Part 12 Mega Server and Guilds (No longer separate instances of guilds on various servers Dec 14th)

Wardrobe Video

On a side note,  as an April's Fool Joke, acquired GW2's wiki, just how active is Dulfy on wiki?  Someone took a screenshot:
Wiki was updated to show Dulfy's ownership:

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re: April 15 Feature Update (this will post will be updated)

Thanks Reap

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re: April 15 Feature Update (this will post will be updated)

You're welcome, to chat with ArenaNet exploded today when they mention elementalist could blind foes when they burn them.    Over 50 messages in 10 seconds, with people praise and a few saying overpowered! lol;   Heart of Stone (Earth) will make eles immune to critical hits when in Earth Attunement.  New 30 air trait, will cause enemies to get struck by lighting whenever they are interrupted. Turrets AI will be buffed for Engineers, not much praised.   Condition Guardians are making a huge comeback this patch.  I wasn't planning on taking notes so the info for eles, guardians, and engineers is sparse. 

Mesmer new elite Power Block, is for GW1 players that like to interrupt foes...will make your foe skill have a 10 second cooldown.   In the dueling line, Trimuphant Distortion will allow melee mesmers a bigger role by allowing them to gain 3 seconds of distortion.   Bountinful Disillusionment gain boons each time a shatter skill is used.  Disruptor's Sustainment (inspiration) gain 1,000 healing power for 4 seconds when interrupting a foe.   Something about torment being stronger too and more bug fixes.

Necromancer, reanimator trait merged with Death Nova.  Bug Fixes.  Vampiric Master will be better if you have more healing power.   Training of the Master trait, lower minion damage to 25% extra instead of 30%.   Protection of the horde has been merged with Flesh of the Master.   Parasitic Contagion, percentage of condition damage heals you (not affected by healing power).  Path of Corruption now converts 2 boons into conditions.   Unholy Sanctuary, heal while in Death Shroud.

Ranger, Spirit of Nature reduced the healing per second while summoned from 480 to 320.  New improvements to F2 skill for rangers.   Lightning Reflexes now immobilize.  Bug fixes!  Read the Wind from GW1 returns, longbow and harpoon gun projectile velocity increases by 100%.  People are yelling AquaMan :D.   Posion Master trait, posion will deal 50%  extra damage and your pet's first attack will use posion.   Survival of the Fittest, remember two conditions and gain fury when using a survival skill (nature magic).  Beast Mastery Invigorating Bond, your pet heals in an area when executing command abilities.

Thief, fixed steal obstructed nerf.  More bug fixes!.   Deadly Arts, Revealed Training Gain 200 extra power when you initially come out of stealth (last 3 seconds).  Invigorating Precision, you are healed for a percentage of critical strike damage dealt (does not work on ambient creatures).  People exploded in protest when they saw this next sentence.  Shadow Arts, Resillence of Shadows, Stealth you apply reduces 50% incoming attack damage (to encourage thieves to res more).  Someone says its, Shadow Form 2.0 now.  

Warrior, Muilding Momentum 15% more endurance on using burst skill.  Healing Signet reduce passive heal by 8%.  Bug fixes. Strength (Burst Precision) Burst skills have a 100% chance to critically hit.  People were roaring over this.   Arms, Dual Wield Agility attack speed increased by having a 10% offhand.  Defense Rousing Resillence, Gain toughness when you break out of a stun.  The amount of toughness gained is up to 1000, based on your level.  More outcry by non warriors.  Discipline (Brawler's Recovery), remove blindness when you swap weapons.  Tactics, Phalanx Strength give your allies might when you gain might.

ArenaNet thanked Dulfy for taking notes on this video as well, she'll probably have a note posting later.

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