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re: GW2 Ask ArenaNet Anything Summary

GW2 "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) summary is as follows, if you want more information check Dulfy's link:

  • Living World should come back around the time of the July quarterly update.
  • Living World Season 3 will require players to have purchased HoT
  • The story will definitely pick up in Season 3 where we left off in HoT. You will certainly hear more about Rata Novus, the egg, etc and we always look for ways to put in bonus and optional story for the folks who really want it
  • No new dungeons. Just Raids and Fractals for the foreseeable future.
  • We’re continuing to focus on Fractals as our primary focus for 5-man content. However, given the reaction, we are taking a second look at the current dungeon rewards.
  • As we develop new, better Instabilities we do plan on phasing out the old ones. We’ll likely end up with a mix of new and old Instabilities for a period though, at least until we develop enough new ones.
  • We want to incentivize players to play all of our Fractals, not just the shortest/easiest ones. We have several ideas on how to tackle this, starting with changing how the Daily Achievements work
  • No plans for 5 man version of the raid or easier mode of the raid. We are working on solutions for finding raid groups such as adding raids to the LFG tool.
  • We are  set to live beta-test changes, for WvW, starting after we publish the April update. The live beta will be available to everyone.
  • We overscoped a big “WvW 2.0″ awesome update that was taking forever … so now we will ship lots of small incremental improvements that get us to where we want to be.
  • For sPvP, we are definitely aware that there are some frustrating match-ups being made during this Season’s initial kick off period and we are actively working to improve this for Season 3, particularly during the start of the season.
  • 120 devs working on live game, 70 devs on expansion 2, 30 devs on core teams that support both. With in the live release/expansion groups we have the PvP team, the WvW team, the Fractals team, the Raids team, the Living World team, the Legendaries team, and a couple others

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