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re: Spring Quarterly GW2 Update Must Read :D

New specific Heart of Thorns dailies for those who own the expansion, plus new jumping puzzle, minidungeon, and dungeon path dailies to the regular rotation
HoT, increase the amount of average event experience by another 30%.
Doubling the dungeon tokens from daily bonus chests
New repeatable achievement that awards 5 gold and 150 dungeon tokens for every eight unique dungeon paths you complete.
All existing and new Guild Wars 2: HoT purchasers a max-level character boost, so you can immediately get one of your characters to the new jungle and Living World content. This new max-level boost item will be delivered to you in a new, free shared inventory slot, which is yours to keep even after you use the character boost.

New WvW armor set from New WvW Reward Tracks.
squad leaders to direct participation credit to squad members on special assignments who otherwise wouldn’t get credited.
Rewards that now come from individual events have been rebalanced and consolidated into a smaller number of bags, reducing the number of inventory slots that players’ loot takes up during these event chains.
The Juvenile Electric Wyvern pet is now available from the Wyvern Nest after players take control of the Central Advance Camp.
The Whispers Keeper at the Pact Base Camp now has access to the full services that his counterpart on Mordremoth’s Vantage has.
Noxious pods now spawn near the forward camps and advance camps when they are captured by allied forces.
New items have been added for defeating map bosses, offering players a choice of items including ascended crafting materials, currencies for collections, and other valuable goods.
Mastery vendors across the maps have acquired new souvenirs for heroes to purchase. Players can now take home their own Exalted Chest, Crystallized Supply Cache, and Airship Cargo into their home instances. These can be opened once per day and come with 3 keys.
Adventures are easier to access, easier to complete, and have increased experience rewards.
Large series of improvements to Fractals and PvP, plus a full balance update for skills, a new legendary short bow, the long-awaited final tier of the legendary backpack, new daily achievements, LFG improvements, a new raid lobby, and more.
Squads can now be advertised in LFG.

Each day there will be 3 recommended islands given to players, with each island having daily achievements for completing it at or above scale 1, at or above scale 26, at or above scale 51, and at or above scale 76.  Players will be awarded the daily achievement for that recommended island when completing it at that scale or higher.  Instabilities have been rebalance for higher scales.

We have removed the boss fight at the beginning.
The wind and explosive traps can now be disabled.
Seals are now weaker.
Missing with the hammer’s Seal Breaker skill no longer consumes the skill.
The Archdivier boss has had several changes for scales 51+.
Reduced the difficulty of the second cultist wave after missing with the cultist’s hammer.
Changed the cage attack to create an area-of-effect circle that can be dodged so players can avoid being caged. The cages now apply torment.

In order to streamline the raiding experience and help prevent overcrowding in Verdant Brink, we’ve added a raid lobby to the Lion’s Arch Aerodrome in Fort Marriner. 
Special Forces Training Arena
To help players learn more about their classes and the damage output they are capable of, we’ve built an instance that is accessible from the raid lobby in which players in a raid squad can make golem adjustments.

Ophelia will have more information on this section.

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