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re: GW2 PvP Leagues Season 5 December 13th

Leagues are returning on December 13th with some major changes (for tldr people, short video is below):

  • Solo/Duo queue restrictions for Ranked Arena will only allow a maximum party size of two
  • Skill rating places players into more traditional divisions: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Legendary.
  • First, every season will start with a soft reset of the previous season’s rating. Players will then be required to play 10 placement matches before obtaining their starting skill rating for the season. 
  • Inactive players will experience decay that lowers their skill rating over time up to a maximum amount. Decay can be worked off by playing league matches.
  • You can move down in divisions by either losing matches or by being inactive.
  • Increasing the number of ways we distribute pips. Even losses will contribute a small amount toward the next reward, so league matches are always worth playing. Other ways to gain pips include earning top stats and playing matches in the top skill rating divisions. 
  • A new currency that allows players to purchase ascended weapons and the Ardent Glorious ascended armor set. Lastly, the PvP Legendary, the Ascension, will still be obtainable through league play and pip rewards.
  • We have never been quite happy with how personal score attempted to portray a player’s contribution in a match, so we’ve reworked the personal score system as you currently know it in favor of raw statistics

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