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re: 7/25 Patch Summary Update

7/25 Patch Summary

  • New Legendaries, see post below. 
  • Combine 4 Gobblers from the new maps to unlock a new collection for the new Legendary trinket Aurora!
  • Amalgamated Gemstones, Blade Shards, Legendary Insights, Tenebrous\Shining Crystals, and more can all be deposited to the collection pane of your bank! :D
  • A new fractal is accessible through the Mistlock Observatory.
  • The continued perseverance of adventurers has again caught the eye of the Harbinger.
  • Exotic backpacks acquired from the Druid Stone collections in the “Flashpoint” release now have an upgrade slot.
  • The Charged Quartz Orichalcum Amulet now has a chance to drop from grand exalted chests in Auric Basin. Vial of Liquid Aurillium is a jewel that is included in the Charged Quartz Orichalcum Amulet. Applying it to a trinket and equipping that trinket will give the character an aura with floating yellow particles and hexagons.
  • The following jewels can be converted into infusions in the Mystic Forge: Preserved Queen Bee, Chak Egg Sac, Poly-luminescent Undulating Refractor: Black, Green, Orange, and Teal; Vial of Liquid Aurillium

More Information:

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