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New DRMS 15th Anniversary Video - The Look

by reapex, 9 days ago

What all men fear - The Look.  New DRMS 15th Anniversary Video!

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GW2 Studio Update: September 2023

by reapex, 10 days ago

As outlined in our August 22 launch blog, each of our annual expansions will be broken down into four major releases. In addition to the story, systems updates, and other content added in those four releases, each one will introduce a fresh set of Wizard’s Vault rewards and objectives. In the months between each update, we’ll release a profession balance update and a festival (or two, depending on the time of year) and run bonus events. We might also make updates to the core game (i.e., content not related to the latest expansion) in this period, but that may not always be the case.

We’ll share the dates for other bonus events as they draw near. The in-game Halloween festivities will run from October 17 to November 7. Sometime around then you can also expect to hear about the next major update for Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure.


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Sept 12 - Wizard Vault Daily Numbers Change

by reapex, 26 days ago

We are continuing to read and discuss all of your feedback. With that in mind, we are planning to adjust the number of Wizard's Vault daily objectives. Our current plan is to add another objective without raising the number required for "completing" your daily. So you'll still need to complete four objectives, but you'll have another choice to the list in order to give you additional flexibility. This will be part of the September 12 game update mentioned in the post last week. We'll continue to evaluate feedback both now and then. 


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GW2 2024 Next Expansion and more SotO Information

by reapex, 27 days ago

The story that launches today will continue over the next three major releases (roughly one major release per quarter), joined by system updates, additional rewards, new weapon proficiencies, new instanced combat encounters, and more. This new model is meant to ensure that the next major story and content update is never more than a few months away and that the game is supported with a regular cadence of content. 

We’ve already started applying lessons from the development of Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure to our fifth expansion, which we expect to be released next year.


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Wizards Vault - Dailies Reworked : SotO

by reapex, 40 days ago

The Wizard’s Vault replaces the existing daily login rewards and daily achievements—specifically the generic Daily category. Other categories (like Daily Fractals, Daily End of Dragons, etc.) will still be around in the achievements panel. You’ll continue to receive progress toward Daily Completionist by completing Wizard’s Vault daily objectives and achievement points from the Wizard’s Vault Daily Completionist achievement.

By directing players to various parts of the game with regularly refreshed challenges and rewards, the Wizard’s Vault system functions similarly to a seasonal content pass in other games. But we tried to build the Wizard’s Vault from the ground up to be as player friendly as possible. For this first round of exclusive cosmetic rewards we have the Enchanted Owl Griffon Skin.


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GW2 SotO (Secrets of the Obscure) New Trailer

by reapex, 44 days ago

Secrets of The Obscure New Trailer Video


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About Sognatori Di Tramonto [DRMS]

We're a PvX guild that has weekly events such as: dungeons, meta-events, guild missions, World Vs World, and more. We are mostly a afternoon to late night EST (utc-5) Guild with some members (myself included) regularly up until 7am (yay Aussie Time zone!) Most of our members have jobs and families that take priority.

Our guild name is Sognatori Di Tramonto created by mixing Latin and Italian together. I did not want our guild to be tied to any specific country since we're an international guild. Our guild name means Sunset Dreamers, because we play past sunset and follow our dreams. In DRMS, there is Zero tolerance for racism, sexism, and bashing other religions. If you ever have a problem or issue feel free to contact me or any executive officer in the game.Information sharing (quests, events, etc) is encouraged between others because that is how our guild grows. All skill levels are welcome from casual players to hardcore, we do not discriminate on player ability. We do ask that you help others, if possible, because they will do the same for you in return.

Summarized Guild History:

Our guild was started in 2008, we were a close knit alliance in GW1 with many players moving to GW2.  Over time several life lessons were learned and DRMS has became the dynamic and respectful guild that it is today.  In Guild Wars 2, we are continuning to grow as new challenges arrive. Every member is valued greatly, and as a team DRMS will continue to be a community where people of all skill levels, races, and genders can feel welcome.

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