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re: 2/08 Head of the Snake Patch Summary

Shrine bonuses have been rearranged and changed in the Desert borderlands. The last shrine bonus for each shrine is now a themed jump pad that will allow players to travel from one shrine to the next. These jump pads will make it easier for players to traverse the area. The center of the map has been changed so that it is easier to traverse.
Matches where a player fails to accept will rebalance teams after finding a substitute.
Fixed a bug that caused the Noblesse Oblige mastery to affect PvP and WvW.
Meta-achievements have* *been added to all Ranked and Unranked PvP maps. Completion of the meta-achievement will award players gold and a title.
Several changes, one is Thaumanova Anomaly.
The Anomaly boss has numerous attacks that have either no tell or are very difficult to see and react to in the effect soup. The fight can take longer than it should due to high boss health and the fact that players constantly have to spread out. The fight has been reworked to be more interesting and fair. It is challenging but not overly difficult.
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